PRAKRITI FOUNDATION for Natural Resources Regeneration is a non-governmental development organization that has been working in the province of Gujarat and adjoining districts of Rajasthan for the socio-economic upliftment of the rural inhabitants since 1994. It works directly with the stakeholders on the issues of natural resource management, livelihood promotion, local self-governance and capacity building at the grassroots level by organizing them into various interest groups of tribal & socio-economically backward community.

Functioning Area of Prakriti

Issues of the Area

Crop Diversification


Progress Report

NRM NABARD – WDF: Patisara FIP Sanction on Feb 25, 2015 & 2nd phase completed (Sanction ` 9509500/-)

IGWDP – Guj: FIP Completed in March 2015 (`11065200/-) & project extended for Climate Proofing till June 2018

Lift Irrigation Schemes: Four schemes are under Irrigation with village cooperatives (LIS – SALARA, 188 Acre with 127 farmers, LIS – SIMALKHEDI, 316 Acre with 182 farmers, LIS – MOTI REL, 58 Acre with 42 farmers & LIS-RAWAL NA VARUNA, 38 Acre with 35 farmers).

RACP – Jakham: The Govt of Rajasthan & WB Project with Agriculture, Horticulture, Watershed & Canal Management for Integrated development based on more crop per drop & better price realization to farmers by establishing FPOs

Watershed plus: The Produce of 400 farmers sample tested by SAFE HARVEST for NPM and resulted ZERO pesticides in Gram Production (Sept 14 to April 15) Scoping study of Tribal District of Gujarat (Agri value chain) completed & submitted to GiZ in June 2015

FDC: The Farmer Organization start to establish for better input, on farm knowledge support & Market linkages for better price realization. The FDC established with the support of eFresh – Hyderabad & inaugurate on September 19, 2015 by Dr R A Shersiya, Director, Horticulture, Govt of Gujarat

FPO: 3 in RACP & 4 in NABARD Supported FPOs promoting for collective input and collective marketing of excess marketable produce

Local Self Governance: IGWDP / WDF & NAIP VWC’s are performing well Groups / FPO for collective Agri Input & marketing of Agri produce, Vegetable and Papaya The consultation with community initiated for Farmer’s Organization (FPO) & FDC

Other Activities:

1. Education program: dropout facilitation centers continue by organization & 188 admitted to schools, trying to link with AIF for continuation.

2. Micro Insurance (LIC): As a part of SHG & women empowerment LIC- Micro Insurance – 112 people are taken the policy under it.

3. Professional Courses Student placement: BRS, B Tech MRM & MSW students from different colleges are placed for field work and field experiences

Other Activities: Characterization of local Breed (Cow & Goat) Study for
reorganization & Breed improvement (IARI Karnal, Sahjeevan & GoG)


  1. PRAVAH – President & EC Member
  2. Sajjata Sang – EC Member
  3. SANGG Committee member &
  4. MSA & WGWLI – Issue Based Collaboration